Shain / Trimmership

Morris (Mike) Shain designed and built many fine yachts and speed boats during his career, instrumental in the development of motorboat racing and beautiful cruisers. All of Mike Shain's yachts carried his trade name moniker: Trimmership, Trimmer Ship or even Trimmer-ship. He had a shop on Westlake Avenue in Seattle until late 1949 when he moved to new facility on West Commodore Way.

Ed Monk Sr. and Morris Shain had a long working relationship shared ideas on design and construction procedures. Ed Monk was listed as the master shipwright and ran the yard for Mike Shain in the late thirties leading up to the entry on the US into WWII. Shain was early champion of Ed Monk, Sr.

Shain developed several models of Trimmer Ships over the years. His "Commodore Model Trimmership" introduced in 1939 became the basis for some 50 patrol boats that were to be built by several other builders in boat yards throughout the Seattle area.

In 1935 63’ ZIMMIE was his first "Airflow Trimmership" of which several variations were to follow all the way through the mid to late 1950s.
The Shain Manufacturing Company had two locations, first on Westlake Avenue then relocating in 1949 to Commodore Way on Salmon Bay.

Founded by Morris "Mike" Shain, the company is remembered largely for its unique streamline Trimmer Ships styling with their reverse "ducktail" or "turtleback" transoms, arced canoe prow and teardrop port lights.

Morris Shain was an early champion of Ed Monk Sr. Monk even listed as the lead carpenter on several of Shain build projects and ran the yard for Mike Shain in the late thirties leading up to the entry on the US into WWII.

In 1956, he sold his business to MARCO, although for a time he continued to supervise construction of some of his designs that were built by MARCO.

The largest of the Trimmer Ships was the 63- foot Zimmie of 1935.

Original Name Length Year Original Owner
Zimmie (Red Baron) 65' 1935 Stanley Donogh
Lord Jim 50' 1938  
Fiesta 49' 1940 A B Ford
Pat Foss 50' 1942  
Forevermore 56' 1945  
Gypsy 47' 1947  
Legend 48' 1948  
Kingfisher 46' 1948 Bart Woodyard
Periwinkle 1 53' 1949 Bart Woodyard
Periwinkle 11    (McHales Navy) 55' 1950 Bart Woodyard
Mozy (Mar Mar) 42' 1953  
Little Shepard 36' 1953  
Georgia (Copro 111, Mystique) 63' 1957  



PERIWINKLE is 55 foot and delivered in 1950 built for Bart Woodyard 1950

(Mr. Woodyard built three (3) Shain Trimmer Ships 1948 Kingfisher 46’, 1949 Periwinkle 1 53’ and 1950 Periwinkle 11 55’)

  • 1950 to 1952 Bart Woodyard Astoria Oregon approx. 2 years.
  • 1953 to 1973 Quigg Brothers Hoquiam WA approx. 20 years.
  • 1973 to 2014 Al McHale Port Angeles WA (Renamed McHale Navy) approx. 42 years.
  • 2014 to 2018 Kjell Hansen Norway approx. 4years
  • 2019 to 2020 Bob M Port Angeles WA approx. 1.5 years.